Top Features

One Software Version – Why pay extra for upgrades, maintenance or enhancements?

We develop re-usable programs so all our clients can benefit from upgrades, enhancements and maintenance free of charge. Because all features are widely used and distributed, our system is more reliable and stable than customized solutions used by a single auction.

User Friendly – Why contend with legacy software that is difficult to operate?

The intuitive layout of our point-and-click graphical user interface (GUI) is a cinch to learn and master even for those with no computer experience. Access to important information is seldom more than a few clicks away. ‘Stove-pipe’ storage of important information is a thing of the past with the Vero system.

Fault Tolerant – Why let an errant key-stroke introduce errors into your business?

Not only is the Vero Auction System easy to use, but also better able to withstand inevitable user errors, which can be readily identified and corrected. By using specialized work-flow software, new or inexperienced users are less likely to commit erroneous data entry. Work-flow guides users through pre-determined vehicle states such as ‘Check In’, ‘Sold’ and ‘Departure’.

Comprehensive Barcoding – Why lag behind with slower and less reliable data input and retrieval?

Vero’s system lets you capture and create an assortment of barcode information. Scanning and decoding a vehicle VIN plate or the reverse side of a Driver Licenses (valid in 39 states) provides accurate information you can rely on. By creating bar coded inventory control stickers you will rest at ease knowing your inventory count is accurate, even during busy gate activity for vehicle test drives.

Multimedia Capabilities – Why settle for bare-bones marketing opportunities?

A picture is worth a thousand words, and Vero’s system enables you to make use of an assortment of images. From dealer mug-shots and titles to the vehicles themselves. If you choose, you can selectively upload ‘As-Is’ or ‘Repaired’ photos as part of a Condition Report and you can use our AMS to display and broadcast onsite (arena style) bidding information.

Complete Audit Trail – Why spend any more time than necessary on bookkeeping?

Even if you’re staying on top of your auction’s finances without integration between your AMS and your accounting software, you can get a more comprehensive picture with Vero’s system. Thanks to our QuickBooks™ integration, you’ll save money by spending less of it entering and reconciling figures to balance your books.

Designed for Change – Why struggle with fragile or inflexible systems?

“Future-proof” your auction by adopting Vero’s AMS, software engineered around your business and optimized for adaptability. Not only will our system better meet your existing needs, it won’t hold you back in the future.

3rd Party Integration – Why should using multiple technology solutions from different suppliers be a hassle?

Your Auction Management System is the operational hub, but other external third-party systems are also crucial. Because Vero is committed to your success, we’ve made our AMS compatible with other industry leading solution providers you may already be using. Products such as Auto IMS, Auto Check, Auction Access, AWG Simulcast, Auction Pipeline, Autolookout, and other similar solutions are integrated with the Vero system. Using our product makes it easier to use their products.

Electronic Condition Reports – Why store important Condition Report information outside your core AMS?

Our Condition Reports are not only ‘Electronic’ but also ‘Configurable’ according to the type of Vehicle and Consignor preferences. The detailed information of a condition report along with any images and estimates are stored directly in our system and are part of our 3rd party interfaces. Your Consignors can also have remote access to this and other crucial information.

Integrated Repair Orders – Why re-key detailed Condition Report information for use as a Repair Order?

Our system automatically converts relevant condition report information into an Electronic Repair order. The Repair Order tracks CGS and AR for Labor, Sublet and Parts. Once the Repair Order has been closed and completed vehicles will be flagged as ‘Ready’ for sale.