How long has your system been in development?
Since June 2004
What motivated your company to develop an Auction Management System?
We wanted to address the acute need for a high value modern system.
What distinguishes your system from others?
Aside from the Graphical User Interface, our system is distinguished by our ability to rapidly adapt to changes in the Auto Auction industry and a high level of customer support.
Is your system a web based system?
No, we feel the mission critical nature of the software demands a local server and database with no dependency on the world-wide-web to operate. We do provide interfaces to the world-wide-web.
How often are new versions of software released?
What type of computer hardware does your software require?
There are no specific hardware requirements for the Server, however the Client software runs on MS Windows XP Pro.
What operating system does your software run on?
Cent OS – Linux
What type of database does your system use?
There are no specific requirements for the database; however we deploy My SQL.
Can your system scale?
Our design is a genuine Integrated Enterprise Class Application written in Java allowing our system oto easily scale where necessary.
Whose VIN explosion software do you use?
Chrome Inc., based in Portland OR.
How large is your staff?
Eight individuals
Does your system use wireless Check-in?
Yes and other functions such as scanning for Test Drives and Departures.
What are your license fees based on?
The monthly number of sold units are billed a per car fee.
What are the maintenance costs?
Maintenance is included in the per car sold fee.
How much are software enhancements?
Software enhancements are included in the per car sold fee.
How do you support unique forms or reports?
We consider a custom form or report as an enhancement to the software and thus there are no charges for the creation of new forms or reports.
How do you decide which software enhancements to do?
We ask each client to rank their desired enhancements in order of importance and we implement enhancements according to these priorities.
How is Vero able to provide such frequent enhancements?
Using a Domain centric or Object Oriented design we are able to modify and maintain the system at a lower cost than is possible with “legacy” systems.