The Vero Auction System is the industry’s only enterprise-class auto auction management system,  designed with maximum flexibility. Unlike shrink-wrapped or custom systems, Vero’s pay-as-you-go solution is Software as a Service (SaaS) with several benefits:

  • No marginal cost for new features
  • Faster upgrades and software releases
  • A user community that drives  ‘best practices’

Written entirely in Java, the Vero solution was developed brand new from the ground up using only the latest modern technology bypassing outdated programming languages, unsupported databases, and the DOS look-and-feel prevalent in other systems.

If you are facing expensive and mandatory upgrades to maintain the status quo, why not consider the pinnacle in Java based AMS systems? Java is the technology of choice for mission-critical applications. As the Auto Auction industry relies more and more on Java technologies, one upgrade for an old system may cost more than Vero’s entire modern system.

An Oracle whitepaper in 2008 points out…Technology barriers that once prevented enterprises from adopting Java-based approaches for mission-critical applications with extreme, predictable computing needs have been breached. Recent advances throughout the entire Java stack put Java in a position to power the next generation of enterprise computing. Now customers can reap the benefits of a Java-based infrastructure, including higher developer productivity, fewer defects, a proven kernel, and adherence to standards.

Vero’s AMS is modern, user friendly and designed for change not resistant to it. By combining this advanced enterprise solution with a unique “pay as you go” licensing arrangement our clients avoid excessive upfront software, hardware and upgrade fees.

Additional Vero benefits include performance, scalability, and robustness, all characteristics of enterprise-class software. As a mission-critical application, Vero runs on servers and data housed in your facility, not off-site.