Product Summary

Vero Auction System

Our complete system includes; Inventory management, Transportation, Accounting, Reporting, Condition reports integrated with Repair orders, Sales management, Invoicing and Receivables, and much more. Listed below are a few more highlights.

Fleet-Lease and Inventory Management
With Vero’s integrated inventory management you never pay extra for fleet-lease capabilities or the complex electronic interfaces they require. Our system provides the industry’s only complete ‘electronic front-end’ to Auto IMS eliminating the need for duplicate entry of vehicle, seller, buyer and accounting information. The Vero / Auto IMS interface is so user friendly you can even distinguish between fields controlled by the Auction and those controlled by your client. Complete and reliable synchronization of the two systems occur within minutes without the need to log out during the process.
Double-Entry General Ledger
Double-entry accounting is more than a buzz word, its a key part of how we ensure that each transaction is balanced (debit / credit) and properly posted to the native General Ledger contained within Vero. Our General Ledger sub-account codes mirror those of your escrow or trust account ensuring easy translation when reconciling the system with your bank statement. All financial transactions are posted in real-time so detailed financial reporting can be obtained at a moments notice. New to Vero is the the ability to provide General Ledger reporting across distinct and multiple auctions (a must for multi-auction owners) using database synchronization and a centralized server.
Customized Fees
Vero offers a flexible and reliable way to create and maintain the ever evolving fees applied at auction. We support multi-tier fees for Buyer, Seller, Title, Draft and Registration fees as well as automated special fees for Transportation-based on miles or Pre-Registration fees based on-based on no shows. Whether dollar increments or percentage, retroactive or incremental, public or dealer, automotive or otherwise Vero delivers a wide assortment of alternatives for billing fees.
No Record Locks
Vero supplies the industry’s only Enterprise Class system featuring middle-ware; software that is situated in between your data and end users. This special feature acts as a ‘traffic-cop’ managing who, when and how users access and update information about your clients, deals and inventory. Middle-ware is the reason why two users can look at the same screen, account or deal at the same time and all without being locked up or locked out. Middle-ware is why two users attempting to update the same record won’t result in a corrupted record or system lock up. Only Vero offers Middle-ware.
Document Control
From invoices to refund checks, block tickets to inventory stickers, seller checks to performance reporting Vero offers customized document management. Whether formatting, printing, importing, exporting or electronic delivery; efficient document control saves time and money.
Wireless Technology
Vero’s wireless offerings are second to none, whether delivered using Wi-FI (802.11) or cellular / PCS networks. Vehicle registration and test-drives, lot management, and departures are just a few of the features offered through our wireless devices. Wireless printers also produce bar coded inventory stickers used to track vehicles
Linux Servers
Of the top 500 super-computer sites in the world Linux operating systems dominate Windows systems [89% vs. 1%]. Although you may not need a super-computer or it’s associated overhead, you’re sure to want the speed, reliability and commercial strength of one. We pair the Linux OS with cost effective and reliable server hardware from Dell allowing us to package server hardware free of charge with our services.
Screen Shot – Dealer Profile application
The Dealer Profile allows users to view information about account activities as well as demographic information on the Company and Representatives including Accounts Receivable, Vehicles, Inventory and deal History. All accounts are listed in alphabetical order and easily found by simply keying in the Dealer name.
Screen Shot – Vehicle Block application
The Vehicle Block application is used to process vehicle offerings through the lanes for Sold, If Sale, No Sale and No Show orders. Additionally, users may Edit orders to correct mistakes. Key actions are mapped to function keys [F1, F2 etc.] for rapid order execution.
Screen Shot – Vehicle Registration
The Vehicle Registration screen is used to add consignment and inventory vehicles to the system. VIN decoding for year, make, model, style and optional equipment is included at no extra charge. Warnings for VINs with less than 17 digits as well as duplicate VINs will appear if necessary. Additionally, lights, announcements and floor information may be added. For multiple vehicles from the same dealer the user may simply press the ‘next’ button after completing the form.
Screen Shot – LCD Lane Displays
In order to facilitate simulcast bidding and to keep your buyers more informed Vero can feed electronic LCD displays with critical information including Year, Make, Model, Options, Announcements and Current Bid amount. Electronic Logos for your sellers are also displayed as their vehicles roll through the lanes.
Screen Shot – Electronic IF Board and Block audio recordings
Keep your buyers fully informed about ‘If’ deals that are displayed on a large screen LCD for easy reference. The LCD display scrolls through all If deals with updates every few seconds. We also allow digital access to audio recordings direct from the auction blocks public address system avoiding the need to search through cassette tapes in the event of an arbitration.
Screen Shot – Vero Help application
Vero Help is an application about the use of the Vero system and serves as a user guide with tutorials and numerous descriptive screen shots. Vero Help also includes documentation for all software upgrades, training exercises, glossary and ‘how to’ questions.
Screen Shot – iVIMS application
Now consignors can remotely access their vehicle information through the Vero Inventory Management System or VIMS. Using remote access through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or through the world wide web (iVIMS) consignors can obtain reports, exchange important electronic documents with the Auction, update vehicle information, view / sort / filter vehicle inventory and much more.

The Vero Auction Management System offers a modern, affordable and flexible alternative to other systems. It was developed brand new from the ground up without using any outdated programming languages, unsupported databases or green screen / DOS old school user interfaces.

Our system is designed for change not resistant to it. This means changes in the Industry can be embraced by our Clients quicker with less expense than previously possible. By combining this advanced enterprise solution with a unique “pay as you go” licensing arrangement, VERO offers the industry a business model in which both parties mutually benefit from the sale of a vehicle and our clients avoid excessive upfront software, hardware and support fees.

Our product demonstration is a live demonstration. It is necessary that a member of our staff coordinate with you via teleconference. Please click on the link below to obtain a password for a product demonstration.

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