Software as a Service

Application Support

The Vero Group provides ongoing support services to each Client with on-site training, unlimited telephone support and individual professional support specialists knowledgeable about your Auction. To assist users in making the most of the system we have an electronic user guide available in a PC version as well as on-line.

Software Maintenance

The Vero Auction System is deployed as a single code base across all customer sites. By reducing the code base to a single version, each individual Client benefits as part of a larger user base. This translates into higher quality software with less defects than would otherwise be possible. Software maintenance is included as part of Vero’s unique ‘per car sold’ fee structure.

Software Enhancements

Unique among almost any software company, the Vero Group does not charge for software enhancements. Enhancements are included as part of the ‘per car sold’ fee. Thus, each Client benefits from a known fixed cost for future enhancements.

Project Management

The Vero-Group can provide oversight and resources for project management.Over the years we have implemented dozens of mission critical applications and systems.