Open Source

The Vero Auction System leverages Open Source tools and software: Eclipse Development Platform, MySQL database, Linux OS and the JBoss Enterprise Application Server.The Vero Auction System is a world-class design with an object oriented, domain centered design combined with the Java (J2EE, J2SE and J2ME)programming platform.

Development Platform

The Vero Group utilizes the Eclipse Development platform. The Platform provides building blocks and a foundation for constructing and running integrated software development tools allowing developers to build independent application tools that seamlessly integrate with each other.

Development Approach

The Vero Group takes an iterative approach to development in the form of 3-week iterations. Each iteration undergoes code reviews, re-factoring and a quality assurance regimen.


My SQL is a leading Professional Open Source commercially deployed database used in thousands of commercial enterprise applications across the world. Vero has deployed it’s applicaiton using the Commercial version of My SQL. Notwithstanding, the application is database independent and can operate using any leading database.


The Vero Auction System uses the JBoss Application Server and associated software. JBoss has more deployments and greater support than any other Application Server, commercial or otherwise. The number of JBoss deployments exceeds that of BEA, Web Logic Server and IBM WebSphere. JBoss Professional Open Source adapts the best features of open source development with enterprise friendly license policies, indemnification against intellectual property issues and world class support, training and consulting services.JBoss AS programming is standards based and designed with a transparent middleware philosophy. This means programmers only need to focus on Java programming while receiving the benefit of enterprise class scalability,reliability and interoperability.

GUI Library

Client side GUI development for Java is done using the Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT).SWT uses native libraries to create a GUI that has the true look and feel of the Windows OS with zero latency while avoiding the pitfalls of AWT and Swing’s complexity.


Although the Vero application is hardware independent the x86 instruction set provides a standard interface for processors that drive a commodity market supplied by Intel and AMD.

Gartner states, “We expect a new breed of servers to appear in data centers composed of common building block modules in high-density, rack-mounted configurations that employ proprietary back plane designs for delivering the high performance of traditional SMP designs”. These “Blade” servers are the basis of the “scale out” rather than “scale up” paradigm of system performance – configured in a large network of low cost servers.

Operating System

The rise of Linux shows the power of open source in providing enterprise-class features and performance. Gartner predicts that Linux will attain parity with UNIX in functionality and performance by 2009.

Research firm IDC, in a paper titled “The Linux Marketplace – Moving from Niche to Mainstream” predicts the overall market revenue for desktops,servers and package software running on Linux will exceed $35 billion by2008, and that growth rate for Linux will ramp up from 15% annually to 44% by 2008.

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